My name is Bernie Holmstock.  I’ve been a resident of Madsion Green and live in Fairfax Village since 2002.  As an active member in our community, I enjoy volunteering my time and energy to make our community better for everyone.  It has been my pleasure to serve on the Fairfax Village board for over 6 years and on the Master Board of Directors of 4 years.

MadisonGreen.biz is just an extension of my community involvement.  As a participant in NextDoor.com (a bulletin-board service providing community updates for Madison Green and near by communities) I have heard  from other users that they would like to let others in the community know about their businesses.  NextDoor.com is a wonderful service, but has a policy against listing and advertising individual businesses.  I thought this website would be a nice extension service, set-up for just that purpose; to have a list of resident owned businesses and services in one place that the residents of Madison Green could refer to.


Welcome to MadisonGreen.biz.  I hope you find it useful.  There is no fee to lookup business and services that are not only owned and operated by your neighbors, but as a resident of Madison Green you are welcome to list your business for FREE.   Non-residents with businesses that may be of interest to our community are welcomed to register and support our service for a small monthly or annual fee to help offset the costs of running this service.


For your convenience I have included links at the top of each page to access other Websites full of information that is specifically of interest to our Residents.  If you haven’t already done so, visit: MADSONGREEN.NET, NEXTDOOR.COM & ROYALPALMBEACH.COM and have a look around.  These sites of packed full of information that you will definitely find useful and interesting.



Enjoy!  See you at the next community meeting or activity.


Best Wishes,


Bernie Holmstock